My trainings were created for those who wish to extend their knowledge in self-development. 


Some trainings are developed for coaches and therapist who wish to elaborate on their tools, while others are for people searching for transformation, a significant life change or wishing to be trained in specific wellbeing domains. 

Most of my trainings are based on "energetic & intuitive work". All long trainings aim at making you thrive in all aspects of your life and at developing your full human AND divine potential. They are what I call "transformative courses". 

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Please, do not hesitate to contact me, if you have any questions.

« Creating a happy & fulfilling life in 21 days »


What is the thing that everyone on earth is searching for? Everyone seems in search of happiness... But everyone gives it a different meaning or connotation. And those who desperately search for it don't find it. Because happiness is a choice, a life choice! 


How? It is a state of being. By living in the present moment, by creating a harmonious, serene and healthy life for yourself, you discover that happiness is within reach for everyone. It is actually very simple to live a happy & fulfilling life. But it requires to work on yourself. To develop certain aspects of yourself. 


It requires a change of mentality, a capacity to surpass your limiting beliefs and integrate new daily habits. 


And this is exactly what this online course offers: a course with tools about these habits and life changes and the necessary guidance to integrate these new habits that are the key to a fulfilling life. 


During 21 days (or any other time span, as you choose yourself how quickly or slowly you want to progress), you will be taught to change those habits that limit your potential. You will discover new ways of acting and of thinking, which will boost you to create the life of your dreams. You will (re)discover your dreams, your physical and mental health and you will feel truly ALIVE. 

How does it work? 

Thanks to this exclusive online training, you can now transform your habits and your life from your own home. As soon as you have enrolled, you get your own private access to my online school. You wil see the course and the different chapters. Each chapter or module is composed of several parts. Each part includes a video where I am teaching and tools or infographics that can be downloaded for personal use. You progress at your own rhythm and choose at which moments you want to follow the course. What an advantage! 

Some live moments will be organised regularly to answer your questions and give you extra feedback. This way you also get a personalised contact with me. 


Price: 297€

« The habits of spiritual & successful people »


There are 2 books or courses that truly inspired me and transformed several aspects of my life: The 7 Spiritual Laws series from Deepak Chopra and the 7 habits of Highly Effective People of Stephen Covey. Yes, you've guessed it, 7 is my number!

While Covey focuses more on efficiency, proactivity and very concrete tools to live a more successful life, Chopra touches you on a deeper level with more focus on abstract tools. It is by combining both and adding some personal experiences that I realised that this combination is an even more powerful tool. 


So this course was created to teach you how to easily implement these powerful and valuable tools. I've added lots of practical examples and some of my unique coaching techniques. Of course, I recommend reading the books, but since they can be quite a challenge to some people, I'm offering you the essentials needed to succeed through easy to follow video trainings. 


During phase 1 you will work mainly on yourself. First you have to become aware of your thinking and acting patterns, then you can start developing them into more positive patterns.

Phase 2 will be about you and your environment: how do I communicate, what kind of relationships do I have, how do I see the world and how do others see me? You will learn to take your life into your own hands, instead of "being lived". The final phase is about the total picture, the transformation, the new you and your new habits.


All online modules are video-based and are complemented with exercises and some personalised Q&A sessions.

« Intuitive Communication (for now only in French) »


Would you like to develop your intuition? Understand the subtle messages of animals, of your soul, of everything that surrounds you? You surely already experienced moments where you were guided to do something intuitive or where you made a choice based on a hunch or a feeling rather than the rational, logical choice. But you would like to develop these hunches, learn more about it and use them whenever you want. 


This course brings you all the necessary keys to develop your intuitive connection. The offered tools are adapted to everyone's needs. You will have different methods explained to you so that you can choose and create YOUR own method of intuitive communication. 


This course is for everyone who wishes to be trained in intuitive connection and dialogue. 


In the first phase, we cover the following topics: How to cleanse yourself, purify yourself, be grounded and transform limiting beliefs. Then we go over the protocols and necessary preparations. How to get your "antennas to work for you". But also the theory on the subtle bodies, the glands, the buddhic chakras and s on. Finally, we learn to work with our mind and ego to soften their grip on us.


In phase 2, you get your first cases of animal communication. You are guided along the way to start practicing and the more you progress the more challenging the exercises get. You will also be able to participate in some online group exercises. 


In the final phase we extend our reach from the animal realm to our inner world of the soul and we explore other forms of intuitive communication.


Interested? Check out the online course with its free introduction. 

Magic and the World


The essential teachings you were never taught. This training is a work in progress. The aim is to bring you ancient and sometimes 'lost' teachings to find yourself, learn about where you came from, why you're here, and give answers to our most fundamental life questions. Come back soon to enrol for this mind-blowing and eye-opening course. 


Work in progress (but it's going to be awesome!)

Géraldine Chapelle

 Transformational Coach