From my earliest childhood, I have been passionate and intrigued by the invisible worlds, the mysteries of life, magic, spirituality,

Buddhism, witchcraft, cosmic energies, the world of nature spirits and all things still often inexplicable by modern science.


Being a very sensitive girl, educated by a fairly spiritual family, I quickly felt and saw things that "normal" people did not understand.


At first I was very excited to be connected to a lot of different things, but at the same time some things were a little scary.


Feeling constantly watched, never being really alone, finding my place as an HSP in a rational and insane (for me) society put me to the test every day.


Added to this, when I dared to be completely myself (that is to say a sort of teenage witch), I was rejected, titled "bizarre" or not normal.

Some parents disliked their children coming to me, while other adults or friends came to me for advice.


And since the world was sometimes so hard for me because I felt “too” much and I didn't always know where it came from or what to do with it, I had a period of denial. I cut myself off from my feelings. I did everything to numb my feelings, just like a drugged person.


I became more and more rational during my university studies, except that the esoteric world continued to call me. I continued to be drawn to what is different, inexplicable. Or I had strange dreams at night.


Funny “coincidences” got in my way. That’s how I ended up in China when I was 21 with a scholarship to study Chinese. My rational side said that Chinese is a world language and that Chinese people have the world in hand, so it was smart to know this language.


My intuitive side was so excited to go to China, because ancient philosophies, Chinese medicine, Buddhism, dragons had always fascinated me, and there was something to discover there.


My 6 months in China reconnected me to a part of me that I had denied and it made me feel very good to live there. Slowly, I began to better understand who I really am.​

After China, I travelled to India, where I felt comfortable too (except when I was being harassed), as if I already knew this culture from somewhere.


As a teenager the walls of my room were covered with posters of Chinese signs, but also of Shiva, Parvati, Ganesh and symbols I didn't even know the meaning of (but were inspiring to me).


Coming back from these trips, I was disoriented because suddenly real life had to start, and it was time to find a job and buy a house with my companion.


In a few years, I ended up with a "husband" (even if we are not married), a house, a "normal" job and a first child. According to society I had everything to be happy, yet I was depressed and on the verge of a burnout.


So I took care of myself by going to osteopaths / fascia therapists and life coaches. For the first time people were explaining me that I am an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) (and so is my son) and that I was no longer connected to my own energy.


And then, everything changes!


I began a long path of personal development which brought me back to myself, to my essence, my authenticity.

I let go of my translation business, I isolated myself from the social activities that drained me, we moved (from the city to the countryside) and started again from scratch.


I enrolled in a NLP training, where very quickly I realised that the training did me a lot of good, but that I found the somatic side very easy (compared to the other participants). So I decided dig deeper. During NLP, I reconnected with my intuitive side and my sensitivity with animals.


A friend introduced me to equicoaching, and I was quickly taking my first steps in horse-assisted coaching. And from there it went very fast: discovered my astrology, met with psychics, followed trainings in intuitive communication, got a meadow and horses to immerge myself in equine behaviour, reconnected to my clairvoyance gifts and clairsentience (it was not an easy path, but very rewarding!), several trainings in energetic treatments, gemstone therapy, animal communications, personal development, etc. Not to mention the Akashic records, oracle cards, magic, yoga, Ayurveda, acupressure, "invisible" presences, the afterlife, chakras, reincarnations, and so on!



Questions ? 




If you are interested by my work, feel free to contact me for more info.  

Which brings me to my current life today: still learning & teaching.  And the hunger to continue learning will always be a part of me.


And the process of personal development will continue my whole life and beyond. But today I reconnected to my powerful wife, the sacred woman.


I dare to be myself with my beliefs and my gifts, I dare to show myself as I really am. Even if this image changes often, but it's all me! I love change, evolution. And that I sometimes have very different styles of clothing or hairstyles from each other or from the average, it is all me too.


I love being surrounded by nature, my children, my husband, my animals, my guides, the spirits of nature, the magic of the world and the universe. Make my natural concoctions, my fulfilling trainings, cook healthy, listen to my body, and my subtle bodies, the subtle world. Practice mindfulness, do my magic, capture intuitive messages, it thrives, it makes me vibrate.


For nothing in the world I would like to go back.


And by being fully myself, I no longer have fears, I see the beauties of the world (and less the destructive and invasive side), I spread my wings more and more, my divine potential!


Working on myself, I realised that if you want to change the world, you start with yourself first. And just as I had lots of guides on my way who gave me a little thumbs up in the right direction, I also want to be a guide for others.


My mission: to awaken as many people as possible. Because it is by becoming all more aware of SELF, of our planet EARTH, of the UNIVERSE, of the subtle worlds that we reconnect to our ESSENCE, to our reason for being here on earth and transforming our world into a world better. 







Géraldine Chapelle

 Transformational Coach