Heart Connection

Passing on knowledge is a passion! Learning as well!


Earth Connection 

Combining nature, healings, connection & magic to bring wellbeing.




Cosmic Connection

Intuitive and rational at the same time. A yin & yang woman.



Geraldine Chapelle


My passion is helping remind people who they really are & reveal their potential. To guide them to live a fulfilling and gratifying life


With degrees in NLP, Intuitive Communication, Energetic Healing therapies and Eastern practices degrees (Mindfulness, Ayurveda, Chinese medicine & astrology, Feng Shui), my mission is to teach and share this knowledge with you! And help you move forward in life! Help you create the life of your dreams!



Overview of the scheduled trainings


learn to enjoy the present moment

to become skilled in intuitive connection 

creating a fulfilling & happy life in 21 days


Quelle est la chose que tout le monde recherche le plus sur terre ? Tout le monde recherche le bonheur… Tout le monde y donne aussi une autre signification. Et ceux qui le cherche ne le trouve pas… Le bonheur c’est en choix. Mais il existe des clés pour y arriver facilement.

Mindfulness among the herd


Is your mind full? Are you looking for some peace & calm? To reconnect to yourself? Would you like to learn about mindfulness amongst majestic and serene beings?

Training in Intuitive Communication


Would you like to develop your intuition ? Understand the subtle messages of the animal realm, of your soul, of all that surrounds you ?

Find yourself through INTUITION 

Develop your senses. Reconnect your intuition. Find answers to profound questions and get a better understanding of the world, the subtle energies, your soul, your surroundings. 

Find yourself through the HORSE 

Horses are our allies when it comes to personal development. They show us our path. Teach us to be real, authentic.  To be centred, aligned and to live in the moment.


Find yourself through TRAINING

Develop your competences, your skills. Reveal hidden talents. Learn how to make sense of your life by going back to the essence of life. Reconnect to yourself through life-changing trainings. 


Find your path to a fulfilling life ! create the life of your dreams. feel good about yourself, recover all your energy. achieve your goals, unlock your potential & Thrive !!! 

For everyone seeking transformation

Geraldine Chapelle


Géraldine Chapelle

 Transformational Coach