Some horse will test you, some will teach you

and some will bring out the best in you.


Horses are sensitive beings closely connected to earth and to their intuition.

They are constantly using all their senses, making them very mindful; and they rapidly capture intuitive messages, since their life depends on it.


They are gregarious beings that belong in a herd. They respect the hierarchy in the herd, but are nevertheless very authentic and true to themselves. They don’t judge, but rather “scan” their environment and the humans approaching them.

They immediately detect our human incongruences, mostly incongruence between what we say, what we do and how we feel.


Numerous are the people who act differently than how they think or feel deeply within.


Horses point out this incongruence. Why is this interesting? Because life is much more simple and enjoyable when we are completely congruent on all levels. The horses will mirror us and teach us with a certain care, even if the message can sometimes be quite confronting.

Connection with horses will also help us enhance our communication skills. Which is very important in today’s society, because we don’t really listen anymore.


We are obsessed with our computers, smartphones and tablets and then we wonder why our children don’t listen anymore or are seeking new ways to be heard.   


More and more we learn to “pretend” to communicate, but we are moving further away from the very essence of things. With the horses, we have no choice but to change! No more masks. Fears come out of their depths.


We become authentic again and we learn to listen to our deepest feelings again and we really SEE the other. Sometimes my horses come over and heal old wounds that have been hiding deep within us. They heal these emotions and reconnect us to ourselves just through their presence.





Equicoaching is personal development assisted (or sometimes led) by horses.


As a horse whisperer (read: horse listener), I translate the horse’s messages for the person involved.


My horses have the liberty to express themselves freely, but in a context of respect and trust. The horse doesn’t wear any masks, he is authentic! He doesn’t judge, but simply gives feedback about our state of being.


Horses don’t lie, they are very intuitive.


The horse also teaches us to listen to our emotions, to act accordingly and to release them.


Equicoaching can help on different levels: the horse helps us to get out of our mind and to fully feel our bodily reactions and sensations.




An equicoaching session usually lasts for 2 hours but we offer several formulas. As such, you can also join us for a whole day with the horses, half a day, alone or with you family or your colleagues.

Price: 85€ / hour


You can also come for a retreat in which you can combine equicoaching with other sessions (such as mindfulness, meditation, relaxation, massage)



Assertiveness coaching


During assertiveness coaching, we work with one horse at a time. We usually start with the most tolerant horse to gradually move on to exercises with more dominant horses, who easily invade our personal bubble. When you can handle the most difficult horse, you have trained your assertiveness muscle and have passed the tests.


When we are assertive, we dare to reconnect to ourself, we are centred and aligned. We then listen to our own needs AND to the needs of others. We communicate in a clear and congruent way with respect for ourself and other people.


Sometimes we let others push our limits and then we suddenly explode (passive-aggressive), or sometimes we are being a victim (passive) or we might want to dominate the other, even manipulate (aggressive). In all of these cases, there is a lack of respect. Whether is it a lack of self-respect of respect for the other, there’s always a loser.

Assertiveness gives us our personal power back while also being attentive to the needs of others.

Assertiveness means taking your space, setting limits and follow your ideals. It is daring to listen to the messages of the body. It is creating win-win situations.

How? You can learn it ! We all have the resources within us, but like all muscles that are not being used, the assertiveness muscle might be weak or underdeveloped.

With the appropriate guidance and lots of practice, you will strengthen this muscle and you will feel much better about yourself. And self-confident people are motivated, self-assured and lead a successful life.


You don’t need to have any experience with horses. Even if you are afraid of horses, assertiveness equicoaching can really help you getting fast results.

I will accompany you every step on the way.




Sessions of 1,5 to 2 hours, spread out over several week. Depending on the needs, program will vary. Contact me for a tailored program or more info.

Place: Field @ Mont à Lumay 32A, Jodoigne

Price : 250€ per session or forfait



We learn to listen again to the messages of our own body, who knows best.

Horses ask us to align our thoughts, our behaviour and our gut feelings. On the emotional level, the horse will help us to let go of old stuck emotions and to understand blocked emotions.


Because the horses are always in the present moment, they are master teachers in mindfulness.


On the spiritual level, they will send us intuitive messages that are important for our personal growth.


Today, many people have experienced a burnout, or are already at home trying to get over their deep exhaustion. 10 years ago, I was confronted myself with the burnout phenomenon, so I had my experience. 


It was only when I started reflecting on my own behaviour and mentality that I was able to find out where this burnout came from. My body had been sending me signals for years, but I wouldn’t listen. All of a sudden, I'd found myself caught up in the rat race of our society and I had convinced myself that I had to fulfil a very long list of expectancies towards society, towards my parents, my family, my husband, my ego, etc.


To finally realise that I wasn’t listening to my intuition anymore, that I was disconnected from my body and from my deepest desires. Consequently, my body started rebelling, it could no longer let me continue like this. 



Little by little I took my life in my own hands again and I started a path of transformation in several stages. Going through all these stages, I realised that our wellbeing is something holistic. Everything is connected!  We can heal ourself mentally, but if we don’t work on all other aspects, such as emotions, intuition, physical aspects, nutrition, spirituality, it will still not work for us. 


It is a whole, we are a whole! And it’s all about creating new habits on all levels, to be self-fulfilled. Hence, my multidimensional approach: trainings, horse assisted coaching, healings, workshops and partnerships with fellow experts. 



This multitude of tools proposed will get you back on track to feel good, happy, fulfilled and dynamic in every way. The horses will, nevertheless, play an important role in the process. Through their connectedness, they accompany us along the way to help us reconnect to ourselves, to teach us to say NO to what doesn’t nourish you and say YES to your dreams and gut feelings. 





An equicoaching session usually lasts for 2 hours but we offer several formulas. As such, you can also join us for a whole day with the horses, half a day, alone or with you family or your colleagues. 


You can come for a retreat in which you can combine equicoaching with other sessions (such as mindfulness, meditation, relaxation, healings or massage)


Any questions ? 




If you are interested in my work with the horses or if you want to find out more info about it, feel free to contact me.


Mindfulness amongst horses  

Mindfulness or focus on the present moment is inherent to horses. They constantly live in the moment, paying attention to their body, instincts, intuition, environment, the herd, every other horse. 


As humans, we tend to be absorbed by past and future, which means we tend to forget about the present moment. But the present moment is exactly that: a present. A gift. 


Or as Eckhart Tolle explains : « Each time you become aware of the fact that you are "living for the next moment", you come out of the mental scheme of the ego and the possibility of a choice arises. The choice to give all your attention to the present moment. An intelligence far greater than the egotistic mind then comes to life. 


If you live your life through you ego, then you reduce the present moment tout a means. You live for the future, and when you achieve your goals, you are not satisfied for long. When you pay more attention to what you are doing than to the result, you interrupt the old egotistic conditioning. Your action not only becomes more efficient, but far more fulfilling and joyous. 

All sorts of egotistic behaviour comprises at least one element that we call the identity of the victim.


With consciousness comes transformation and liberty. »

Les chevaux sont nos meilleurs alliés pour nous apprendre la pleine conscience.


In the field amongst my herd, we can practice mindfulness with ease. We enjoy the present moment, we reconnect to ourselves. We step out of the ego and feel our true being or essence. Clear answers come to mind and we find inner joy. 



Group sessions of minimum 2h. You can book a session with your family or with friends or join us on the proposed dates in the agenda. 

Location : Field at Mont à Lumay 32A, Jodoigne

Price : 50€ per person per session, with a minimum of 4 people. 


Géraldine Chapelle

 Transformational Coach