INTUITIVE connection





What is intuitive connection? Is it something for me?


Whether you are aware of it or not, you are searching for the meaning of your life.You forgot the meaning of your life when you forgot yourself.

You are not looking for an answer ... You’re looking for a path. A way.


The meaning of your life is an adventure. The starting point is yourself.

Only you can create the life you want!

The destination is your fulfilment & happiness.


The goal is to live a life worth living.

But for that, you have to take the step that will change your life:

accept your quest. 

First, you have to find out who you are. The essence of life is in your heart. You are the source of what you are going through.

A return to yourself will allow you to awaken your potential.


 Why are you alive and what is your purpose? What will make your heart sing every day? What is your talent? What skill do you like and master?


These are all questions the intuitive connection answers. It's a reconnection to oneself! It is to find your purpose - your Ikigai - as the Japanese say.It is a journey that allows you to seek (and find) your life mission.


Some examples of "intuitive connection" coaching:

  • Reveal your (hidden) talents 
  • The right boost to make your dreams come true (plan of action)
  • Intuitive communication with your soul, your pet(s) your loved ones
  • Reading of your Akashic Records
  • Transformation of false beliefs, reveal who you really are
  • Shed light on your past lives
  • Learn to (re)connect to your true Self
  • Letting go all that is limiting you to finally THRIVE!


Find yourself, find your path​


Man is programmed in a certain way. For example, it is more natural for our mind to focus on the negative than on the positive. Our mind works and processes non stop and if we let it, our Ego becomes more and more powerful. Which in turn often results in self-sabotage, emotional blocks, inner conflicts, health problems, etc. 


On the other hand, when we know what our soul's mission is, when we KNOW why we were born and that we live our life as it was designed for us, everything becomes more fluid.

We don't have to struggle anymore, we understand how to manifest what is good for us. And when a problem arises, we are able to minimise it and experience it as a learning process. We are more positive and live in the present moment. We feel happier, have less fears and stress doesn't impact us as much. 


To reach this state, it is of utmost importance to know yourself. It all begins here. During "Intuitive Connection" Coaching, we'll first analyse your birth chart. When your personality, your talents, your destiny are clear to you, we move on to intuitive communication, combined with a specific plan of action. I will then connect to your Being or soul to see which path is most right for you.


In a further stage, we can also take a look at the physical and subtle bodies to see how we can create more balance (using Ayurveda and Chinese medicine), so that not only the pilot feels great but also the vehicle your piloting. 








Duration : 2h - 2h30

Basic Forfait : 197€ (Birth chart analysis, reveal talents and destiny) For a tailored plan of action, the price will depend on your level of engagements and needs. 


Location : at the practice or via Online / Skype  



To understand yourself and your destiny already puts you "in control" of 1/3 of your life and how it will unfold. The actions we undertake as well as our attitude counts for another third. Our environment (our home, our pets, our surroundings) is yet another third. It is therefore of utmost importance to check out what is going on in our environment. 


For one, it is very interesting to understand our children better, our partner, our pets. And it is often also necessary to improve your living space or your home. 


For the humans living with you, I also propose a birth chart & personality analysis. When we know more precisely who we are living with, what their challenges our, their talents, their communication style, thinking patterns, how they deal with the world around them, we manage to become more detached. We accept them as they are, we tend to be less judgemental and we communicate better with them. 


To better understand our pets, as well as the messages they have for us, the challenges they impose on us to help us evolve, I offer intuitive or telepathic communications with the animal. With the feedback, you will better grasp your animal's needs and you will be able to tend to it more appropriately. The relationship will become more fluid and easy. 


Regarding the living spaces, I measure which rooms are most suitable to you (to feel good or to prosper) and how to use them. I can clear away negative energies and help you understand your home. In collaboration with Sophie Demuyser (Harmonious Homes Expert), we harmonise your whole home, so that it becomes a place where everyone feels good, appeased, serene: a home with a good flow of energies and prosperity.  






Duration: depends on your needs and context.

Price: different packages available

Location: at the practice or online (Skype, Google Meet). For homes: at your premises.



How does it work?


Firstly, we get in touch with you to analyse your needs, the current context and the problems that you wish to tackle. Secondly, I will do some suggestions for a plan of action and a tailored price package. You can also choose to focus on just one aspect (at a time): health (Chinese and Indian medicine), talents or personality (Birth Chart & Chinese astrology), your home or office (FengShui, Space Clearing, Healing), etc.


A lot of this guidance can be done virtually or through video conferencing, but it is more interesting to meet each other at least once. For the home: a lot can be done from a distance as well, but a visit of the premises is a must to complete the consult. 


Prices vary between 197€ for a personality analysis and 2850€ for the whole package (Personal analysis & coaching, analysis environment, intuitive communication animals, health coaching, home analysis and transformation).



Duration: will depend on package. Personality analysis = min. 2h. Environment = min. 2h-3h on premises. Intuitive communication = min. 1h30. Health analysis and treatment = 1h for first consultation. 


Price: on request


Location: At practice, partially at client's premises and online (Skype)

Questions ? 




Don't hesitate to contact me. 


Géraldine Chapelle

 Transformational Coach