The course of my life is, I think, like most people. A bumpy road full of adventures.


From my early childhood to my 35th birthday, I was searching for myself. I studied. I learned a lot, I gained a lot of experience and I'm still learning more every day.


More than ten years ago now, I understood that my life path was this: understanding who I am, revealing my potential, gaining self-confidence and then transmitting these experiences around me.


There are many people today who are looking for themselves, or who have not yet found their right path. Who lack self-confidence. Who are often overwhelmed, who have a life where you "have to do" too much. Who make themselves very small and do not dare to take their place in the world. Or who carry the world and the worries of others, and wear themselves out along the way. Everyone is looking for happiness but most of us have not yet discovered that happiness is within us and is a choice!


My mission today is to guide these people towards a profound transformation, in a simple and effective way. I have always been an adventurer, a warrior, a Samurai. With my energy sword, I cut through limiting ropes, I help make where necessary, important choices, I cut the toxic bonds which prevent us from moving forward.



I remain true to my mission, I do not give up. My horses are also there to help me, to show me the way.


This is why today I call myself the IKIGAI Samurai, because I found my Ikigai in life. And like a Samurai I have my precious rituals, I discipline myself to better control my strength. I practice ZEN every day, I develop my feelings more and more and I welcome what comes my way with bravery, humility and gratitude.


By developing my superpowers ;-) , I help people transform from victim to hero. To transform their false beliefs, to invite them to more autonomy. To be free. To be, quite simply.


It all starts with our CHOICE! What do I choose? Do I choose to be happy, or to complain? Do I choose to commit, to take action to create the life of my dreams? Or do I choose to stay where I am because that's what I know and it reassures me to stay in my comfort zone?


Either way, there is no wrong choice, per se. On the other hand, when we become truly autonomous, we know we are responsible for our choices.

My journey in brief:


At 18, I have only one goal: to be an actress. I come back confused and shattered from these experiences, because I find this world so perverse and hypocritical.

Being trilingual, I decided to embark in linguistic studies.


At 19, a "teacher like no other" inspires me so much that I decide to take Chinese as an additional language in the second year of university.


Thanks to her, I found myself studying in China in 2005. In China, I discovered that part of me that has always been fascinated by Eastern philosophies. As if I had always known that ancient and holistic medicines were fairer for me: not to cure the symptom, but to maintain one's body and energy balance, to prevent disease.


I am starting to analyse other cultures and lifestyles more and more. I do trips to India too. I realise that the Western lifestyle has a lot of constraints. That we are too stressed, pushed to live like pre-programmed robots.


Then I come back and everything goes very quickly: my partner and I buy a house in the city and I look for my first job as a translator and language trainer. I make lots of interesting encounters on my path that lead me on different adventures.


Then yoga comes on my path. Then I become a mom and all of a sudden I get lost in rationalism and perfectionism. I no longer know who I am, what I want, where I am. I find it complicated to be a mother.


Thanks to my son, I suddenly understand that I am hypersensitive and HP. That HE is HP and hypersensitive. And that classical methods do us more harm than good. The pieces of the puzzle of life are more and more numerous and the picture becomes clearer.


It's time to change our life: move to the countryside, reconnect with ourself and nature, change of profession, etc.


In 2013 a second time mother. Another wonderful gift of life. But again difficult to keep the balance. I notice I am now responsible for 2 children and cut myself in 4!


How can I take good care of my children, my companion, my animals and still have time to take care of myself? Very interesting learning curve!

Then, at about the same time, horses come into my life! At first it is not easy with them. Because apparently, I am not coherent, I am still always dispersed, cut in many pieces to please everyone.


Questions ? 




If you are interested by my work, feel free to contact me for more info.  

Horses are therefore starting to take up a lot of space in my life. And what do they tell me about me! And about them! I learn so much thanks to them. They also show me how they mirror each person's behaviour & emotions.


In the meantime, I also finished my studies as an NLP coach. The two year training really helped me transform my own misconceptions and change my perspective. To better understand humans, the brain, our psychological patterns, etc.


But I don't stop there. Information is missing. I am more and more brought to develop my feelings, my intuition (which was there but well dominated by my mind). I trained in intuitive communication with animals, and from there I went on to many other trainings: integrated energy healing, geobiology, lithotherapy, mediumnity, natural horsemanship, efficient management, time management, Ayurveda, Fengshui, Insights Colors (personalities), and so on. Because I find it all interesting! I apply, integrate, simplify and keep what is really useful...


Today, I have experimented with a lot of approaches. I discovered what really works, I simplified approaches. I created my own 6 step approach to transforming into a successful person who knows WHO she is and where she is going.

As I worked on myself, I realised that if you want to change the world, you start with yourself first. And just as I have had plenty of guides on my path who have given me little nudges in the right direction, I want to be a guide for others too.


My mission: to awaken in consciousness as many people as possible. Because it is by all becoming more aware of the SELF, of our planet EARTH, of the UNIVERSE, of the subtle worlds, that we reconnect to our ESSENCE, to our reason for being here on earth and to transform our world into a BETTER world.








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The IKIGAI Samurai​


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