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To feel good at work, be motivated, productive and at the right place.

Team cohesion and well-being @work.



Our working environments are rapidly changing. The expectations of both employers and employees are shifting. Customer demand is also changing fast. 


To remain on top of everything, it is important to invest in the well-being and the personal development of your employees. This way you can ensure continuity, with motivated people who feel good in the company. And who share the company values. 




Burnouts and chronic fatigue are becoming more and more frequent. The lack of clear communication causes frustrations and sometimes even resignations. 


And yet, this can all be avoided. Professional coaching, as well as self-development trainings can prevent a lot of problems. When you invest in your staff regularly, you proactively anticipate and avoid having to deal with urgent crises. 


TRAINING / WOrkshops

The goal of our trainings is to motivate and boost your staff. To teach them efficient strategies to manage their work and themselves, to have the right focus and positive results. What we want are happy employees that feel good about themselves and that are transparent & authentic. 


Here are some of our trainings and workshops per category:


Productivity / efficiency :


- "The 6 Steps Transformation Training of the IKIGAI Samurai™ "

- "Effective communication skills on the workfloor"

- "Essentialism & structuralism in business"


Well-being :


- Mindfulness@work

- Yoga@work

- Ayurvedic principles applied to businesses


Personal Development :


- NLP for managers

- How to be in flow on the workfloor

- Assertiveness training










The trainings have a duration of 3 to 12 half days, depending on which formula you want to offer to your staff.

The workshops are usually composed of a series of 1h per week, or can be organised in half days as well.

Price : contact us for a customised offer.






Every successful person has a coach! We can all use a coach now and then. 


Why is coaching so important? In the beginning of our career, we learn new things everyday, we improve ourself every day. Then we become good at our job, an expert in our field. That also means that we start taking things for granted, and sometimes we stop improving. We can arrive at a point where we don't see objectively what's going on. We are so into it that tend to miss certain things. Or we don't see how we can improve our efficiency. We've fallen into patterns and habits, which may work for us, or not... 


Often, we get stuck in repetitive schemes that limit us more than we realise. 


With a coach, you can shed a light on that. You can improve your way of dealing with job-related matters, such as improve your communication skills, your assertiveness, your efficiency, ... A coach is an external help, who listens, analyses your situation and shows you where there is still room for improvement.


This will help you see things from a different perspective and become even more performant. Or it can help you find more harmony in your job, more work-life balance. Coaching helps you set clear limits, or become more ambitious. 


Regular coaching will result in total fulfilment in what you do. It will leave you balanced and self-confident. And you will further develop your talents and competences. 


TEAMBUILDING with horses


How about organising a fun and educative day with your team amidst nature and horses? Work on team cohesion, team communication et reinforce your strengths and talents?


Why a team building with horses?

Horses are herd animals and we can learn a lot from their herd mechanisms. They work with all their senses and show excellent leadership skills. 

They also demand clear, congruent, straightforward communication. The work with them confronts us with our own communication style. 


The team building exercises reveal the talents and strengths of each team member. The exercises are built in such a way that at the end of the day, the whole team is aligned, you understand each other and your drivers better. And you leave as a much stronger team. 


Check out what our clients have to share about the team building:


This Team Building with Géraldine and her horses, it was fantastic and revealing. The confrontation with the horses is like a mirror that shows you what is essential in communicating with others. 

It is incredible how the horse reacts to every detail and challenges you to be coherent, transparent & authentic. They bring forward the strengths and weaknesses of the team.

Thank you so much for this adventure and for your wonderful hosting in this beautiful and relaxing atmosphere... We left recharged and with a clear focus. 


Eric Myard – Enginium Group





The team building is a whole day (8h). Lunch, drinks and snacks are included. The whole day is necessary to obtain the best (lasting) results.


A teambuilding can also be organised in 2 days: one day at your company to work on efficient non-verbal communication and team coaching. This is then followed by the "horse-day" to put into practice. Price depends on number of participants and requested formula.



Questions ? 




 Don't hesitate to contact us! 




Professional Coaching takes place on the company premises, mostly on an individual basis. Coaching of teams is also an option. 


Price: 120€/h excl. TVA + transportation cost.

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