My animals mean a lot to me. They are a part of our family. Every week they help many people to find themselves, to reconnect to themselves. My horses have already helped many people in gaining self-confidence, in letting go of old emotions, in setting limits and taking up their right place. They do this with compassion and in a non-judgemental way. They do this without expecting anything in return, except a scratch or hug now and then. What they do get in return is a serene and safe home, where they are respected, well-treated and well-nourished.


I regularly do energetic sessions with them to check that they haven't "taken over" anything from the client. If they took some emotions over to help relieve the client, then I help them to let those go and to be centred and aligned again. They often receive Shiatsu sessions as well and energetic healing sessions. 


But they are all rescue horses and get older fast... More and more they need expensive treatments, or expensive vitamins and dietary supplements to keep them healthy or to treat there "old age-diseases".

 Each year we also invest in their habitat, to make it more comfortable. Because all this amenities and treatments cost a huge amount of money, we decided to ask for support in our network.


If you also want to support our project and our horses, all gifts - small and large - are very much appreciated. Each gift helps us finance their treatments and follow up on their health carefully. 


We can even provide you with an invoice that is fiscally deductible. And it is also possible to become a sponsor, benefactor, or "godfather" of one particular horse, which gives you a special bond and privileged moments with that horse. 


Please contact me if you're interested in sponsoring a horse or if you wish to sponsor as a company in exchange for publicity. Join these other people who already contributed to the care of our horses. Thank you from the bottom of our heart! 



This is Caroline Zimmer, generous benefactor for our horses. Her financial contribution made it possible to pay for special "shoes" for our 2 poneys who suffer from chronic laminitis, their weekly shiatsu treatments, the veterinary costs as well as the complements in phytotherapy. 


Since we've started this intense treatment, we have seen a very positive evolution, progress in their situation. They are much better now and walk around normally again. Thank you so much, Caroline!! 


Caroline has chosen to become to "fairy godmother" of Ferre, our black impressive Frison horse with a big heart.  :-) 




This is Verena Goris with Kellie. Kellie used to be her horse. At some point, Kellie was getting too old to have more foals and to be ridden intensively. Verena wanted to find someone who would offer Kellie the "retirement" that she deserves, who would love her, respect her and take care of her until the end. Kellie HAD to come to my place; Verena had felt it from the moment we first met. The instant I had my first prairie, Kellie arrived and left her mark on me. What a fantastic horse! She has taught me so much already!


In the meantime Kellie has been diagnosed with Cushing's disease. A disease that is pretty common in old mares. This disease can cause a lot of other ailments and health issues if not treated properly. The Cushing treatment is extremely expensive, but it works.


Verena decided to commit as well to the treatment by helping us with a monthly financial donation.


Thank you so much Verena! This means that even though Kellie is here, Verena still gets to be in contact with her and be a godmother to the horse from her youth.  :-)



Do you also wish to support us or to sponsor one of the horses? Then contact me by mail to inquire for practical info and details. Here is also my personal bank account (on Géraldine Chapelle) that is used to pay for the horses's treatments: BE95 4381 0534 6158

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