Why include the environment in the holistic approach?


If I work on myself, find my IKIGAI, and make sense of my life, isn't that enough?


Yes and no.


Do you know that your environment impacts your life for one third?


Let us return to this famous Chinese Heaven-Earth-Man trinity. When you understand the logic behind this philosophy; when you study the QI and start feeling the energies, you quickly understand that our destiny or 'blueprint' of who we are has one third of influence on us, our surroundings include a second third. Our daily actions form the last third. It is therefore important to look at the whole.



You can, for example, have a fabulous (predestined) destiny and as you take the right actions in everyday life, you have great success in life. But if environment is draining you, badly located, that the energies of the house do not correspond to you or that you live on a cosmo-telluric chimney, then your actions will require much more effort. You may be successful, but you will have trouble recharging your batteries, you will experience blockages or obstacles. Or maybe you'll achieve your goals more slowly than someone who lives in the right location.

It is therefore also important and primordial to not only work on yourself but also on your environment.


Maybe you recognise yourself in some of these comments:

  • I can't keep my house tidy, it's always a mess
  • I find it difficult to recharge my batteries at home.
  • To recharge my batteries, I have to go on vacation
  • Sometimes I feel energies or presences in the house that make me uncomfortable
  • I can't find the right place to work in the house
  • I am always hungry when I am at home. Elsewhere I don't have this feeling
  • Children are always excited at home or they sleep poorly
  • Sometimes my pet looks in a place like there is someone or something there
  • My cat always lies in the same place and I wonder why
  • In the morning when I wake up I feel drained instead of rested 


You have to understand that your house and every place vibrates energetically. Some places vibrate at high frequencies, others at low frequencies. Many years ago, we took into account the natural state of the land and we built in very specific places. Today, we build wherever we can, but it can cause problems.


If your house is built over a watercourse or other geobiological phenomena, it can create financial worries, health problems, etc. Fortunately, there are several ways to remedy this ...




Just like humans, homes, workplaces, busy places, are loaded with "negative" energies.


The frequent passage of various energies, such as natural QI (which can circulate too quickly or stagnate in certain places); people who release strong emotions, telluric currents, streams, etc. can unbalance or disharmonise a place.


Take the example of a house that you never ventilate or clean - it smells musty after a while, dust piles up, insects settle in, etc. Anyone entering this house will automatically open a window and have a desire to refresh or clean this house.


Energetically speaking, the same is happening. The negative energies and "energetic dust" accumulate after a certain time, and it is therefore necessary to do an energetic cleansing.


The healing or space clearing therefore consists in re-harmonising your place of life and rebalancing the energies or subtly modifying the energies so that they are more compatible with you and your family.






Contact me to discuss what you would like to improve in your home. I will then estimate the amount of work and a plan of action.  


Duration : average of 2h

Base prive : 90€ per hour + transportation cost.  

Location : at your home




As specified before, our surroundings (home, environment) account for a third of what influences our life and which creates (or not) fluidity. It is therefore important to also go and see what is happening around us.


Sometimes, it can be really necessary to tackle certain "home" aspects to have a more serene and fluid life.


In geobiology we measure currents, the flow of energy, networks and crossings, electro-magnetic waves. The goal of geobiology is to detect what can be "energetically" disturbing for you or your health. Then we harmonise the whole of the energies.


Another very interesting tool to harmonise the home and create places that support you, is FengShui. With already a base of FengShui one can significantly improve the home and feel better. For an in-depth FengShui analysis, I can recommend an expert without comparison, who will walk around the house with you. As far as I'm concerned, I focus on geobiology and basic FengShui.






You send me your request and the plans of your house with some recent photos (front and back facade). Based on the plans, I will already give you a first analysis. Then, I come on site to feel and measure the energy.


Duration: variable, depending on the request and the context


Price: Same price as healing (90 € / h) + transport costs


Location: first remote work and then on site at your home

INTUITIVE Communication


Just like with animals, it is also possible to communicate intuitively with a place. This can be with the soul of the house, the guardian of the place, etc.


For "problematic" places, it is interesting to make an intuitive communication with the place to better understand what is happening. We can also change the energy of the place through intuitive communication.


Sometimes the place can have a specific request, a mission or sometimes we perceive entities or presences in the house, who have things to say. A wandering soul that "haunts" the place can be "released" by listening to it and helping it to pass to the other side.


These energies can sometimes leave us tired. Often children and animals are more sensitive to these types of energy and sleep poorly because of that, or are afraid. It is often enough to communicate our intentions and to clear these energies.





An intuitive communication can be done with a picture. Depending on the inquiry, it may be that a visit on the premises is necessary. 


Price : 90€ / h + possible transportation cost


Location : videoconference, picture or at your premises. 





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