Heart Connection

Passing on knowledge is a passion, my IKIGAI! Learning as well! And of course creating possibilities.

Ikigai Samurai

Earth Connection 

Like a warrior, I am disciplined and stick to my mission: to share the Ikigai secrets to have a fulfilled life.




Cosmic Connection

Intuitive and rational at the same time, while being grounded. A yin & yang woman.



Geraldine Chapelle


My passion is helping remind people who they really are & reveal their potential. To guide them to live a fulfilling and gratifying life.


Everything is connected: who we are, what we have to develop or learn, our close environment, our pets (who mirror our inner state), it is all tied together.

Hence my holistic approach to help you (re)create unity, simplicity, focus, harmony, and pleasure. 


My IKIGAI is to guide you towards the path of purpose and fulfilment.To find solutions to your problems, to transform what's holding you back into boosting energy & unlimited potential!



Overview of the scheduled trainings


learn to enjoy the present moment

to become skilled in intuitive connection 



What is the one thing that everyone seeks in the world? Everyone is in search of happiness... It also has a different meaning for each one of us. And who search too much, cant't find it...

Happiness is a choice! But there are numerous keys to get to your happy destination fast. Everyone can learn to live a life full of purpose and be happy.

Mindfulness among the herd


Is your mind full? Are you looking for some peace & calm? To reconnect to yourself? Would you like to learn about mindfulness amongst majestic and serene beings?

Intuitive Communication with animals


Would you like to develop your intuition ? Understand the subtle messages of the animal realm, of your soul, of all that surrounds you ?

Would you like to connect and talk on a deeper level with your pet? 


Make a connection with your home, understand its vibe or energy. Create an environment that's supporting, that emanates serenity and peace. A place where you can truly recharge you batteries and feel good. 


Who am I ? What are my hidden talents? What is my purpose? Where lies my potential? How do I remain centred, balanced, in harmony? How do I take care of myself? Develop my intuition? Make the right choices in life?



How to truly understand my pet(s)? Get a deeper connection with them, understand what they are trying to tell you? How to make them your allies while respecting their underlying nature? How to take care of them in a holistic way?


Do you want to find out who you truly are and where you want to go?

Do you want to wake up every morning with a smile and a sense of purpose? 

Have focus, clear goals & objectives ? Live a fulfilled life in a serene environment? Then you are at the right place !

For everyone seeking transformation

Geraldine Chapelle



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The IKIGAI Samurai​


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