Who am I, what do I want to achieve? How do I take care of myself? What's my IKIGAI ?


Life is actually pretty simple and straightforward, but we tend to make it more complicated than it is. 


We were all taught to live by what our mind tells us. We are taught in school to know a little bit about everything, to trust our brains and not our feelings. We have a cultural etiquette, guidelines by which we judge others: "When you behave like this, you're impolite, it's not ok to express those feelings." / "Boys don't cry" / "Be a good girl"


Those are just a few of the many things that we are being told as a child and that will affect our future enormously. Often, it results in a period in your adult life where you ask yourself "Who am I really?" And what do I really want in life? (Instead of what society wants for me, or my parents, or environment)



If you want to be fulfilled in life and truly happy, then there are a number of things you need to "unlearn". 

You need to transform limiting beliefs into boosting beliefs. You need to find out who you are, what you want and how to get it. This whole process is what I call "The path to finding your IKIGAI".​


At some point, we need to shed a light on our darker parts. We need to fully understand who we are and what we came to do here. We need to overcome our fears and live 100% the life that WE want. 


We are obsessed with our computers, smartphones and tablets and then we wonder why our children don’t listen anymore or are seeking new ways to be heard.   


More and more we learn to “pretend” to communicate, but we are moving further away from the very essence of things. It's time to take off the masks and show our true Self. Let go of fake expectations. Reconnect to our feelings. Live in the present moment.


Become authentic again and learn to listen to our gut feelings again. Unlock our potential and THRIVE!




Equicoaching is personal development assisted (or sometimes led) by horses.


As a horse whisperer (read: horse listener), I translate the horse’s messages for the person involved.


My horses have the liberty to express themselves freely, but in a context of respect and trust. The horse doesn’t wear any masks, he is authentic! He doesn’t judge, but simply gives feedback about our state of being.


Horses don’t lie, they are very intuitive. They are also excellent leaders and team players. We can improve our communication & leadership skills through the work with the horses. We learn to be congruent and act as we feel or as we think. We strengthen our team cohesion and gain self confidence. 


The horse also teaches us to listen to our emotions, to act accordingly and to release them.


Equicoaching can help on different levels: the horse helps us to get out of our mind and to fully feel our bodily reactions and sensations.




An equicoaching session usually lasts for 2 hours but we offer several formulas. As such, you can also join us for a whole day with the horses, half a day, alone or with you family or your colleagues.

Price: 90€ / hour (excl. VAT)


You can also come for a retreat in which you can combine equicoaching with other sessions (such as mindfulness, meditation, relaxation, massage)





Ikigai is Japanese for "reason of being" or also "what gives sense to life"

Ikigai is very vast: it comprises many aspects of life. I've also personally experienced that living your IKIGAI and happiness are a CHOICE ! A mindset, a specific attitude in life. 


To help people find their IKIGAI and thrive, I've developed a 6-steps process with proven results.


When people feel good about themselves, are fit, motivated, serene, engaged, and develop their full potential; they perform better, they inspire others, they are successful, grateful and happy. 


With the right method - My Ikigai Samurai method - you are suddenly on top of things! You manage everything with ease. You wake up with a smile, eager to start another day. You love what you do and do what you love. You are full of energy. You have excellent relationships and you inspire others. You are balanced and focused.


The 6-steps process of the IKIGAI Samurai:

1) The choice-focus attitude

2) Release the IKIGAI Samurai

3) Stick to the plan

4) Be the turtle not the hare

5) Develop your full potential

6) Keep the balance




The IKIGAI Program is a mentorship program in which you have a coaching program and weekly follow-up + practical goals to reach to find your ikigai. 

Place: at my premises and online (or completely online)

Price : 4970€ for the complete package. You can schedule a call with me to discuss this mentorship in detail and what it involves. I only accept really committed people and number of coachees per year is limited!



We learn to listen again to the messages of our own body, who knows best.

Horses ask us to align our thoughts, our behaviour and our gut feelings. If we "pretend" for just one second the horse will see through us and will show this to us.


On the emotional level, the horse will help us to let go of old stuck emotions and to understand blocked emotions.


Because the horses are always in the present moment, they are also master teachers in mindfulness. Just by observing them, we learn how to remain in the present moment, how to BE more and act less. Less is more. If our thoughts are clear, our actions simple and focused, we achieve much more results.


On the spiritual level, horses will send us intuitive messages that are important for our personal growth. To understand these messages, it's important that you have developed your intuition or that you have an intuitive coach by your side to guide you. 


Man had always shared his knowledge and wisdom. And has learned through the teachings and passing on of wisdom from generation to generation.


Teaching you the keys to transform your life, that's my passion. I believe that complex courses are of the past. Today, all possibilities and doors are opening to us. The more we simplify, the more we understand and evolve positively.  Translating complex matter into simple trainings is what I love most! Just keep it simple!


If you like following a training at your own rhythm, practising exercises at home.. Integrate topics your own way... then my online trainings are made for you!

The advantage of online training is that you can follow each module whenever you want from wherever you are. 


Q&A sessions are organised regularly to ensure a personalised follow-up of your progress. For each training, you also get access to a private Facebook group, in which you can ask questions and interact with other participants. 

For the "old school" participants amongst you, I also organise live trainings, at my premises or worldwide on request. 


The online training "Find your ikigai" follows the same pattern as the mentorship program. The difference is that you follow modules from your home and that you need to practise by yourself. The course is build in such a way, that you will improve step by step. With as final result: finding your ikigai. If you want quicker results, then I suggest to take the mentorship. 


I also give trainings in efficient communication, focus and motivation, developing your talents, developing your intuition. Those trainings are organised on company premises or here at my training center.





The "live" trainings at my premises are in French and Dutch. English trainings are given worldwide on request.


Check out the companies page for more info.


FIND YOUR IKIGAI (Online Training): click here to find out more. 


Any questions ? 




If you are interested in my work with the horses or if you want to find out more info about it, feel free to contact me.



More and more people are starting to ask existential questions about life. 


"Who am I really?"

"Why am I here ?"

"What do I have to learn / What do I need to understand in this life?"

"What's my destiny ?" 


In the ancient Eastern philosophies we speak of the Trinity of Heavens-Man-Earth. In short this means we have a predefined "blueprint" (Heaven) that will, together with our actions & choices (Man), as well as our environment (Earth) in which we live, determine how our life will play out. All three are connected.

You may have a favourable destiny, for example... But if you don't take the necessary actions or make certain choices, that destiny might not be that favourable. 


If you have doubts about certain important life choices... If you feel it's the right time to free yourself from certain limiting memories or beliefs... If you wish to move a step forward in life, but you doubt which path to take... Then it is very interesting to dig deeper into who you really are, to understand your drivers, to know your hidden talents and which choices to make next. This self-development work will create the foundation for a fulfilling life with joy and purpose. 


Together, we can dig up information from past lives to help you understand what's limiting you in this life; we can consult your akashic records; consult the messages from the oracle cards; develop your intuition or look at your astrologic birth chart.






Revealing your destiny is a package of a number of individual counselling hours. We usually work in sessions of one hour, or you can choose to work in half day trainings. 


This package is also a part of the IKIGAI program, but if you do not wish to follow the whole program, you may choose for this shorter formula. Here we only work on finding out your destiny or most fulfilling life path.


Contact me for more information or for a customised offer. 



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The IKIGAI Samurai​


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